Zen Origami Colouring Kit

Seekers of inner peace and wisdom will find a new way to relax through creative colouring and mindful origami!

This complete origami kit has 60 zen-themed origami papers, 7 fine-tipped markers and a 48-page origami book with simple, step-by-step instructions. The adult coloring book patterns range from relaxing mandalas to pleasingly abstract organic designs. Filling the papers with color is just the first part of this calming experience—once you have done that, then you immerse yourself in the creative act of folding beautiful origami models, including:
An Angel Fish which gracefully "swims" in the breeze when suspended from a thread
A Fortune Teller with mesmerizing movements
A Dove of Peace, an uplifting reminder of the power of inner calm
A Twist Flower, an object for meditation
A Star Box with its built-in folding repetition that promotes relaxation
And many other meaningful models!
Each project is designed to rejuvenate your spirit and provide you with a personalized work of origami art to display and share.

This origami kit contains:
7 fine-tipped marker pens
60 blank origami papers to color
12 original coloring patterns
A 48-page full-color origami instruction book