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Vata Spice Mix

"Our Spice Mixes do the work for you, bringing together Organic, Pure Spices to make your meals delicious and medicinal!
The Vata Spice Mix brings warmth and moisture to your meals that helps to increase digestion and rids the body of excess bloating and gas.

It's yummy plant medicine for your plate!

Use this as a fragrant addition to food or as a digestive tonic (1/2 tsp in warm water before meals).
Ingredients: Cumin*, Coriander*, Fennel*, Ginger*, Fenugreek*, Turmeric*


RASA is not limited to an Ayurvedic Clinic, School, or Apothecary.
This is a movement.
Our vision has always been simple, as we know simplicity is the closest to nature.
We intend to share Ayurveda for the benefit of all beings.
May every being know joy, peace and freedom.
May we all Come Back to Life.
It's as simple as that.

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