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Time Out Spray

For that magical time between coffee and wine o'clock, Time Out uplifting organic essential oil spray.  Use this as a hydrating facial toner, body spray, room spray or mist the kids as they walk through the front door after school.  

Ingredients: Purified water, organic witch hazel, coconut oil, patchouli, orange, bergamot, almond and other pure, organic essential oils.

A birst of freshness!

This is one of my two favorite sprays from K'pure (other one is Chill Out). The smell is so refreshing and not like anything I've smelled before. I got a mini size but will for sure get the big one next time!

Mid day pick me up

I use this spray all through the day when I just need a little "boost"! It smells amazing, light and refreshing. Also love using it as a facial toner.

Can't get enough!

I just picked this up today and I'm already obsessed! Beautifully scented, light and refreshing - a great way to give yourself a "time-out" break. I can't wait to try the other sprays!!