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Soother Clip with Beechwood Teaching Bird

10" Soother Clip including a Beechwood Teething Accessory! Makes a lovely gift. Locally Made

Made Using:
My Babyline is made using only 100% Food Grade Silicone, Baby Safe Teething Wood, Strong Poly Cording, and a RUST-FREE plastic clip.

Food Grade Means:
Tasteless, Non-toxic & Odorless. Free from Phthalates, BPA’s & PVC’s.

Baby Safe Wood Means:
Mostly Beechwood- resistant to splinters & cracking.

Sturdy & RUST-FREE Clips:
The clip is the reason I started this adventure. When Kohen was born the wooden clips screwed to metal freaked me out with the tiny screw. Not only that but with our country well water-every metal clip rusted within a couple of washes.
SO every clip on EVERY product I make is plastic. Although not the most renew-ably thought of resource-nothing is renewable if it becomes disposable! Introducing the longest-lasting soother clip around!

Care & Maintenance:
Any and all products should be sanitized before first use. Place products in kettle boiled water for 20 seconds using tongs. OR simply wash in warm water with a mild soap-rinsing well. NEVER soak your Soother Clip in water or place it in the microwave or dishwasher. Allow to air dry on a clean towel.

Treat the natural wood beads once monthly with a natural oil such as olive, grape, or avocado-beeswax also works well but be sure to wipe excess off within 12 hours of application. (ALSO NO beeswax is recommended for babies under 12 months of age).

Do not allow for excessive exposure to sunlight, water & heat.

Teething products should be inspected each time before being given to a child. Be sure to check cording knots, beads, and clips for any sign for damage or wear and be sure to discard when need be. Loose beads and parts can be a choking hazard. NEVER leave the child unattended with any teething toy/accessory. Do NOT allow children to sleep with any teething products (soother clips, rattles, etc.).

**By purchasing our teething products and giving them to your child- you are assuming any and all risk associated with a said product(s). We, Shelbys Return to Roots, waive all responsibilities and liabilities once sold to the consumer**