Shea and Zinc Diaper Balm

This Shea and Zinc Diaper Balm creates a healing and natural barrier around baby's sore bum area. Lock in moisture and ward off rash causing bacteria to treat diaper rash gently and without chemicals.

My Shea and Zinc Diaper Balm and been parent and baby tested and approved :) This 1 oz tin is poured full of baby bum loving balm and contains organic and skillfully selected ingredients.

SHEA BUTTER ~ Nourishing and moisturizing, promotes skin health and can ward off yeast and fungus.
CALENDULA OIL ( WITH ORGANIC OLIVE OIL) ~ Gentle, healing for skin irritations, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.
NON-NANO ZINC OXIDE ~ Mildly antiseptic, soothing for skin irritations and provides barrier between skin and bacteria.

This product can be used to relieve and prevent diaper rash.