Play Pause Be Yoga card deck

They enable me to do self-guided practice without the pressure of remembering what I’m going to do. I love that I can just feel into what I’m doing and go with the flow…

Bring your practice to the next level with our award-winning Yoga Deck chosen by over 35’659 Yogis around the world. 

  • Build your own sequences in a simple and safe way thanks to our unique system of references between cards. 
  • Practice Mindfully: move at your own speed, following your breath and listening to your body.
  • Create a practice according to the benefits that you want to obtain thanks to the symbols on the back of each card.
  • Create sequences based on a specific chakra theme, or discover a deeper understanding of each pose on an energetic level.


Expansion Deck

Bring your practice to the NEXT level… with the New Expansion Deck (+78 cards!). The best choice if you want to create longer sequences and deepen your practice! A must-have addition to your PlayPauseBe Yoga Deck.

  • New: 12 Intentional cards to find new ideas and inspiration for your yoga practices (self-love, compassion, truth, confidence, grounding, freedom, […])
  • Copies of the most common positions in the Yoga Deck
  • Additional Bonus Cards designed to help you remember to pause in a particular position, repeat a pose or even an entire sequence and do a vinyasa as a transition from one pose to another

Important: The Expansion Deck cannot be used alone, it is an addition to the Yoga Deck.