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The Pikler Triangle was invented by a Hungarian Paediatrician over 100 years ago for children ages 6 months to 6 years. It is designed to help them build on previously mastered skills including gross motor, grip strength, spatial awareness, independence and much more.


Local Peterborough business - Charlie Bear Toy Co. Pikler Triangle is made mostly from sustainable resources and is almost completely biodegradable!



-Supervision is required at all times.

-Children should wear bare feet or shoes while climbing (socks are slippery).

-Allow approx. 6 feet of free floor space around climber.-A soft surface is recommended under the Pikler Triangle.

Made from almost all sustainable resources this durable childsafe product will grow with your child and will be a beautiful, timeless piece that will be treasured in your home/classroom for years to come! 


To keep costs down for everyone we leave our wood raw. There are many safe finishes and the right finish varies widely and depends on the individual family needs. (for example, if it will be used outdoors, will be drooled on etc.) If you do require a finish on your Pikler Triangle we can absolutely add one for an additional charge. We can also add a Milk Paint finish to the ends of the bars (depending on colours it could increase wait time in order to get new colours in) *Please email us for any of these extra features so we are sure to meet your needs. 


*Our unique design ensures that rungs do not come loose or expose screws because they go all the way through the thick wooden legs and are secured with wooden dowels. 


Thank you for supporting this local, family-run, small business! 


  • Large Pikler Triangle
    Leg length: 36" (3 feet)
    Height: 31" (from the ground to the top, in the middle)
    Width: 33" (including sides) 29" (just rungs)
    Base: 37 1/2"

    Small Pikler Triangle


    Refund Policy:

    We do not offer refund for change of mind, however we do want our customers to be happy so if you are having any issues at all please let us know and we will do what we can to help you out.