New Baby Art Box



✔️ A special gift for big sisters or brothers
✔️ A way to talk about a new baby in the family
✔️ A baby shower activity for little attendees

Many opportunities to play, create and connect! 🎨🥰

* Suitable for elementary artists and their grown-ups (ages 3+)
* Includes various, themed materials for art and creative play
* There are (intentionally!) ZERO INSTRUCTIONS included. It’s time to let your creativity roam free :)

* Family time
* Sensory play
* Quiet time
* Building creative thinking and problem solving skills
* Holiday gifts
* Virtual playdates (get one box for you and one for a friend!)
* Homeschooling families

* Set your artist(s) up for success by having the following materials available in your creative space: age-appropriate scissors, glue, markers, crayons, and paper
* Playdough will last for up to 3 months when stored in an airtight container. Salt crystals may appear if playdough sits without use. Just knead dough (with a few drops of water!) to return it to the dough you know and love!
* Our packaging can also be used for art-making. How can you use the tissue paper? What will you make with the box?
* Due to availability, items may vary slightly from photos (e.g. different color or shape). However, the integrity of the art box theme will stay intact.

These sets have more wooden elements and gender neutral playdough set up to be dyed if you wish. 

What else can you add?