Mini Squishable Cotton Candy Bunny

Mini Squishable Cotton Candy Bunny

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Hey there, Sweetie! What's up, Honey? How's it going, Sugar?

If you find yourself unable to stop using sucrose-themed terms of endearment, consider the possibility that the item of your affection might be a Cotton Candy Bunny. They might look like your significant other, favorite pet, or not-so-secret crush, but actually they're a pastel member of the family Leporidae.

This sweet little furball shows up where you least expect him: Easter Baskets. Very laid-back spring-themed raves.

Is that sweet-looking dude or lady passing you notes in math class really a sugary rabbit? At least consider the possibility.

7 squishy inches of sugar rabbit! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!