Mini note/gift cards

These mini note cards are so sweet, measure 2.5" by 3.5". A perfect add on for a gift. 

Made in Canada by a woman owned business. We love this art work. 



Cici Art Factory is a children’s art brand based in Vancouver, Canada. Created by painter Liz Clay, Liz believes that art should create a sense of wonder and spark creativity. As a mom of five, Liz has inspiration, a dab of chaos and art critics all around her. “When I’m creating a new series, I often work in my kitchen and set the designs up all around me so I can see them throughout the day and see what changes I’d like to make. Once I have one piece working, the rest will follow. I am for the art to have the right feel and mood for a children’s space. It can often be just the adjustment of an ear or highlight in an eye that will allow a piece to come alive.” Cici Art Factory mini cards are thoughtfully and purposefully created with both little minds and big hearts in mind. They are little pieces of art that can be held and enjoyed by little hands. They create a sense of wonder and curiosity.