Felted Wool Pebbles

Colour is similar to show, darker grey•

These beautiful stones are needle-felted of pure wool, without a rock inside, which makes them great for indoors or where young ones may find them! They are quite versatile; lovely for indoor home decor in a bowl or on a table, or for imaginative play.

They range in size from about 2-2.5" across. They may vary slightly from those pictured, but will be very similar.

Can be used to rub as a "worry stone". 

While they're great for children, they're not intended for those under age 3, as loose fibers can be a choking hazard. They would make great creative playthings or game pieces for older children.


Handmade Felted Wool Decor for the Natural Home •

House of Moss is a place for natural needle-felted wool home decor, gifts, and Waldorf-inspired children's items: wool acorns, felted mushrooms, embroidered star moss, wool pebbles, tiny felt terrariums and terrarium necklaces, wool nests, woodland-themed Christmas ornaments, and other natural curiosities. They are a lovely way to bring the organic beauty of the natural world to your indoor living space.

My items are needle-felted. Needle-felting is the process of sculpting puffs of wool (roving) into cohesive felted shapes using a specially notched needle to poke through the material until the fibers intertwine.

Wool is completely eco-friendly and biodegradable. I recycle/upcycle as much as I can, including using bottle caps and lids to hold my wool mushroom gardens. I use reusable kraft boxes for packing fragile items, and padded mailers made with post-consumer recycled paper, and I use fragrance-free biodegradable detergent for my wet-felting. So you can be sure that, in our quest for lovely artful homes, we are not causing our earth to suffer for it.