Baby Octopi - Signature Size

Baby Octopi - Signature Size

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Why the Octopus? 

Each tentacle on the handcrafted crochet octopus is designed to mimic the feel of the life-giving umbilical cord that surrounds babies in the womb—providing comfort and familiarity as they transition to life on the outside.

Fabric + Features 

Hand crocheted with premium 100% acrylic yarn

Filled with light-weight hypoallergenic polyfill

Safe and non-toxic

Signature Size - Approximately 25 cm in height

Mini Size - Approximately 20 cm in height

Proudly handmade in Canada

Please note: because each octopus is handmade, no two are identical and may vary in size, weight and shape

Bonus: Fine weave, mesh fabric care bag included!

Care Instructions 

Your octopus comes with its very own care bag; designed for easy washing, ensuring your octopus will last for years to come.

Place octopus in care bag and zip closed

Machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle

Remove from care bag and lay flat to dry

Do not bleach • Do not iron • Do not tumble dry

Safety Instructions

The octopus is intended for use from birth and designed intentionally without any small or detachable parts. Do not leave child unattended with toy. Please remove all packaging before giving the octopus to a child.