Baby Bum Spray

Local and handmade


essential oils, coconut oil, Castile soap, witch hazel, water


"This refreshing bum spray will help to ward off uncomfortable diaper rashes. Simply mist baby's bum area after wiping and then you are ready to put on a fresh diaper ☺️ OR you can mist baby's bottom prior to wiping, using the spray in combination with a cloth to clean baby.

Handmade with love and therapeutic grade essential oils. Enjoy the mild lavender mint scent.

This lovely spray is naturally antibacterial. It will moisturize baby's delicate skin while disinfecting!

Cloth diaper friendly!

Essential oils can break down plastic packaging over time. To ensure the longevity of your product, this spray comes packaged in a beautiful (and reusable!!) blue glass bottle"

Every bottle is 4 oz in size.