Aengus' Bike children's book

This is a book from local author and boutique co-owner Sonja Martin and Laura McMaster!  Themes are growth mindset and single mamas. 


Aengus is four years old and loves superheroes. He and his mom live at Oma's farm. Aengus is working really hard to try to learn to ride a two-wheeler. Aengus can't wait for his dad to visit on the weekend and watch him ride his bike.

We wrote this story with two intentions. One: to share Aengus' journey of learning how to ride a bike! He wanted so badly to not need his training wheels anymore. Two: we wanted to share Aengus' family. Families come in all varieties; every child should see themselves and their family reflected in children's literature. Aengus' Bike shows determination, resilience, family, and above all, love.