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What is Manual Osteopathy?

Manual Osteopathy is a physical therapy, whereby various techniques are applied to the body to help initiate a self-healing response. Manual Osteopath's have very precise palpation skills that help to assess and treat symptoms of conditions. The treatment is gentle and safe for all ages and is effective in helping to support a growing babe! Appointments are 45-75 minutes in length and done fully clothed.

How can Manual Osteopathy help?

Osteopathy can treat symptoms of a wide range of concerns including:
  • Digestive issues like colic and reflux
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Postural concerns 
  • Orthopedic concerns like torticollis, hip dysplasia, plagiocephaly, scar tissue
  • Brain health concerns like birth trauma, concussions, falls and more

About Nicole

Nicole Settimi created her business, One Body Wellness, out of her wonder of the human body. After 11 years of practice as a Massage Therapist, she completed her diploma in Osteopathic Manual Therapy in 2019, with a thesis in women’s reproductive health. She is growing her practice in Manual Osteopathy as a compliment to conventional medicine. She provide's a thorough and advanced initial assessment and brings an intuitive and evidence-based approach to treatment, to initiate the body’s healing response.

As well as working with people of all ages, Nicole works with infants from newborns onward, the postpartum period, traumatic brain injuries, digestive & behavioural concerns as well as orthopedic injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. 

Nicole will be working at Lavender and Play from 12-4pm on Thursdays and also offers in-home treatments. Check out The One Body Wellness Podcast!