Fertility Doula

What is a Fertility Doula?

A fertility doula is someone who supports people in their journey to become pregnant, regardless of what that journey looks like. Whether going the fertility clinic route, at home monitoring and insemination, or a mixture of the two - a fertility doula provides you with support best suited to your needs and wants.

Just as a birth doula brings non-medical, non-judgmental informational, emotional, and physical support to the time around labour and birth, a fertility doula brings that same model to preconception and (in)fertility. 

Some families hire a fertility doula after six months of trying to conceive.


How do they support you?

  • Communication virtually or in-person - phone/text check-ins to process procedures, emotions, and evidence based information.
  • We can attend clinic appointments alongside you, providing resources and referrals to complementary health care modalities, and help create  a fertility plan.
  • We offer fertility yoga, mindfulness, meditation, visualization and yoga nidra sessions as well as fertility support. We draw on years of personal experience and training as doulas as well as complimentary services in women's health.
  • We support single families, Queer families, blended and nuclear. Every family! 


Why hire a Fertility Doula?

  • Reduces stress
  • Support navigating options
  • To help understand procedures
  • Connection to resources











$45 per hourly rate may be added to a package