Vision and Guidelines

“Countlessscientific trialsexamining doula care demonstrate remarkably improved physical and psychological outcomes for both mother and baby.Doulas have a positive impact on the well-being of the entire family. “   DONA International

Mission Statement: Supporting families in fertility, birth, and the postpartum period with empathy, experience and passion.  

Vision:  Lavender and Play Doula Services envision all families to feel valued, connected and supported in their own beliefs. We offer a loving and strong foundation to families through our knowledge and experience in care. 

Guiding Principles/Priorities: 

  • We support the entire family through evidence based practices, non biased, teachings, informed choice and decision making. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of education and resources to support clients decision making from an understanding of all options. 

  • Family safety is integral to our practice. This includes regular CPR and First Aid certification.

  • Confidentiality is honoured and respected for each family member at all times. An exception to this is when  we are obligated by law to report abuse. 

  • We will remain within our scope of practice at all times. This includes and is not limited to a) refraining from offering medical advice b) administering medications and herbal supplements c) diagnosing, d) leading families to stray from medical advice. We will refer clients to a medical professional when diagnosis, treatment, or examination is felt to be needed. 


  • We are committed to continuous education each year within our field and related fields in order to best serve the large scope of family needs. This includes regular networking and continuing education with the local and international doula community. 

  •  As a team we practice self-care and encourage it of those we support in order to best meet needs. This includes rest, exercise, mental health support, nutrition and balance. 

  • We value collaboration with others in order to best serve the needs of a family. This could include but not be limited to lactation consultation, naturopathic doctors, chiropractic doctors, pelvic floor physiotherapists, osteopathic, craniosacral practitioners,  acupuncturists, medical doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses. We work in partnership with all community members in a mutually respectful atmosphere. We seek communication and relationship support externally for any strain in community partnerships. 

  • We emphasize a team approach supporting each other to best support community needs. 

  • Our main responsibility is to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Fees will be clearly stated upfront and will reflect the current rate for care provided. 

  • The health of the birthing parent and baby is our utmost priority. We are obligated to follow this commitment from our training and certifying bodies. In addition all policies, codes of conduct, and terms of agreement must be adhered to from our governing training agencies. We do not prescribe to any “cry it out” methods in our sleep support. We feel this represents a conflict of interest in parent and child welfare. 

  • Team members are accountable to their governing bodies. Any concerns with unethical practices and grievances may be made to these agencies including DONA international ( Doulas of North America) , and CAPPA ( Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) and Bebo Mia ( Canadian training school). 

  • For our birth doula team members, we offer non-medical comfort techniques for labor such as movement, position changes, comforting touch, visualization, breathing techniques, affirmations, and more. We offer hands-on birthing support when requested.  

  • Extensive training has been taken in empathic communication. This is modelled within our practice at all times. 

  • Doula training is in combination with trainings and certifications as a team in other areas including: infant massage, La Leche League leader, nursing, early childhood education, yoga and meditation teacher, sacred fertility and sacred postpartum practitioner, behaviourist, metal health advocates and educators, pelvic floor and core specialist, surrogacy. Above all we are parents with a variety of birthing, fertility, loss and postpartum experiences. 


  • We believe in the DONA International vision of “A doula for every person who wants one,” by providing postpartum doula services at a reduced cost, if possible, or making appropriate referrals, as available. 

  • The above principles are honoured at all times while on social media. No posting of names or photos of families will be permitted unless we have written consent for marketing purposes. 

Diversity and Inclusion: 

Diversity can refer to the differences among individuals, including but not limited to sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender + gender identity, family structure, geographical location, physical, functional, and learning abilities, religious beliefs, age, size, and socio-economic status.  Lavender and Play supports inclusive language and behaviour. We are committed to continuous education to lend to greater understanding of members of society. Interchangeable language can include and not be limited to “ body feeding, chest-feeding, birthing person, they/them as a singular pronoun, indigenous, partner, birthing /labouring person, spouse, significant other, lactating person.  We support equity and inclusion within all aspects of our practices.  

Covid 19: 

We vow to stay informed of the constantly changing guidelines regarding the role of doulas in our practices at home, and in the community including hospitals. We will adhere to all government guidelines and rules of conduct. This includes, pre-screening, hand washing, social distancing, on-line support, phone call support, advocacy, isolating, disinfecting surfaces, mask wearing and proper health maintenance and prevention. We will do everything in our power to support families in the most safe way possible.