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Covid-19 Policy


  • Before class begins, staff are required to pre-screen every family before entering the class (indoor/outdoor) alternatively you can screen at this link in your car before you come in   and please show us the results when you arrive.
  • Documentation of a participant having screened negative will be recorded on the attendance sheet with an ‘N’. 
  • Must use the sanitizer that is offered or you can bring your own.
  • Please stay home if you or your child are not feeling well. 
    • For outdoor classes please wear a mask until you get to the yard and are settled in your own spot. If you cannot distance please wear a mask. 
    • Masks are required for all indoor classes.
    • Based on this government policy ( we are NOT mandated to ask for vaccinations. However we strongly encourage it.
    • Masks are not recommended for children under the age of two but are encouraged for those two and over.
    • The use of masks is not required outdoors IF physical distancing of at least 2 metres can be maintained between individuals. 
    • When wearing a medical mask, individuals should wash their hands before putting on a mask and after removing the mask. Refer to Public Health Ontario resources for how to properly wear and take off masks.
    • All staff will wear a mask and wash hands regularly.