Prenatal Classes

Helping you prepare for childbirth and your journey into parenthood. 

Childbirth Education

At Lavender and Play we support ALL families. This includes and is not limited to those who identify as LGBTQI2S+, those with physical, economic, mental, limitations and those who are marginalized and underrepresented in society. 


The class is for couples and single families is a comprehensive one day, interactive workshop. Limited number of families to ensure extra personalized attention and safety. This class goes beyond your basics to dive further into understand and building confidence.

Class will be facilitated by Sonja Martin who is a childbirth educator, postpartum doula, mother, lactation educator, pelvic floor & core consultant,  La Leche League leader, yoga and meditation educator, and experienced hypno birther.

Co-facilitator Sarah Susnar is an ECE, mother, certifying sleep consultant, lactation educator and postpartum doula. 

This is a class designed to cover all of the basics as well as complimentary natural child birth practices.  We will dive into unique comfort measures, breathing techniques and build a strong foundation of the various birth experience. Suitable for first time families and those expanding their families. 

Class Date options:

Price is per couple, reduced rate for singles.

Some topics include: 

  • comfort measures practice 
  • breastfeeding supports from birth
  • nutrition and exercise
  • stages and phases of labour
  • warning signs
  • pregnancy discomforts
  • natural labour supports
  • risks and benefits of interventions
  • pain theories
  • anatomy and physiology 
  • caesarean birth 
  • immediate postpartum

 Class Goals: 

  • provide birth options
  • supporting various learning styles 
  • support couples mental health, connection and partnership pre and postnatally
  • inclusive environment
  • explore fears
  • make lasting connections with other expectant families
  • explore alternatives to medical interventions
  • build skills for the new baby period


Parents will receive works sheets, PDF's and many additional resources for future reference.

  • We are available by phone or email for ongoing support before and after your classes.

Private class option:

We can provide 3 hour private classes in your home or via zoom.

We recommend booking two sessions to be able to go through the whole childbirth curriculum.

Investment: $150 per 3/hr. session.


New Baby Care:

Investment: $75 CAD.                                                                                     

When: Anytime, Private Class, 2 hours in length

This is a virtual or in person baby care class for families. Topics include: newborn care, bathing, massage, comfort techniques, siblings, swaddling, feeding cues, sleep and safety. Includes follow up instructional videos and resources. 

  • newborn care
  • soothing techniques
  • infant sleep
  • breastfeeding/chest feeding
  • postpartum planning
  • bathing/massage



Birth Partner Support Workshop

When: Anytime, Private Class, 2 hours in length

This class is geared for those who wish to have extra confidence being a birth supporter (friend, partner, spouse, parent etc) and will not be hiring a birth doula. This makes labour support accessible for all and provides hands-on custom strategies, coping tools, basic birth information. This is a custom private class but could be offered in group format.

It is not a replacement for a childbirth education class as it is condensed and keeps the focus on birthing alone. Complimentary courses include a baby care course, child birth education as well as a breastfeeding class.

Class is facilitated by Child birth educator, doula , La Leche League leader and lactation educator Sonja Martin.




Class instructor accreditations Include:

Trained and Certifying Childbirth Educator (CAPPA)
Infant CPR trained
Certified Infant Massage instructor (CIMI)
Prenatal/birth yoga Instructor
Meditation Instructor
La Leche League Leader, 10 plus years, 20 plus years experience
Certified Postpartum Doula (CAPPA, DONA, Bebo mia)
Infant and Family Sleep Specialist (Bebo mia)
Certifying Lactation Educator (CAPPA)
Insured members of The Association of Ontario Doulas

Introduction to Reproduction certified.