Cork Bath Frog

Although it refers to an intrinsic moment of children’s hygiene routine, bathing should also be regarded as a leisure opportunity.

Swim, splash and swirl with our water toys for an interactive and stimulating bath experience. Due to its ergonomic shape, soft texture and flexible limbs, our frog can move around both on water and dry land, for the child’s extended entertainment.

cork; rubber

172 x 173 x 52 mm



By proposing a 100% natural and recyclable offer, we intend to minimize our ecological footprint and grant children an early contact with nature.


Our offer intends to promote the growth and recognition of the cork supply chain and is mainly sustained in the primary and secondary economic sectors, contributing to economic development.


To promote equality of opportunities to all individuals, we often resort to institutions dedicated to support social inclusion of people with motor and cognitive disabilities.


Cork harvesting and transformation activities are deeply rooted in Portuguese tradition. So, by bringing a whole new approach to the industry, we intend to value Portugal, the raw material itself and the whole surrounding culture.