The Lavender and Play Podcast

Nicole Settimi | 31 January, 2022

            The Lavender and Play Podcast

We did it! We started a podcast. And we are so excited to share it with you.

We both have combined education in pre/postnatal education, behavioural work, yoga & meditation, lactation & sleep guidance and business ownership.

We are passionate about connecting our community, helping to support parents and caregivers, and offer intentional, beautiful products and toys in our retail store.

Reasons why we are so excited about our podcast:

  • We hope that it helps parents and caregivers feel a little less alone on this child-raising journey
  • We hope to enlighten through various resources
  • We hope to bridge gaps between what we all truly need right now: connection + inspiration + compassion
  • We hope that our interviews will provide you with tangible knowledge you need to feel confident, as we truly believe in free education!

Listed on all major podcast listening apps, enjoy from the comfort of your own phone or computer. 

Happy listening!

- Sarah & Sonja xo