How Shopping Local Changes Our Communities

Nicole Settimi | 21 November, 2021

            How Shopping Local Changes Our Communities

You know shopping local is great, but do you truly realize the impact that you make when you spend your money in a locally owned store?

When you spend a dollar in our store, you are:

  • Allowing us to sustain ourselves and our families as Mompreneurs
  • Giving us the space and time to create new courses and workshops for the families in the Peterborough-Kawartha community
  • Providing us with the space we need to host free support groups
  • Making space for us to constantly be updating our stock and supply, to offer open-ended and imaginative-play toys for your family
  • Putting your dollar right back into the hands of people who also live in your community and have the same community-driven values as you!

So when you're considering buying from Amazon or Walmart, and see our prices might be a few dollars more, think about us here at Lavender and Play, and how deeply grateful we are for your ongoing support into local businesses.