Honouring the Female Body

Nicole Settimi | 08 November, 2021

            Honouring the Female Body

As we move toward body empowerment for the Mom Bod campaign we wanted to highlight some observances and supports that have inspired us. One main goal for Lavender and Play has always been supporting female mental health. One way to do this is to come into a knowing and accepting of the ever changing and evolving female identifying body. 

We have had years of women coming to spend time with us in our various classes. One common observation is a dislike or dissatisfaction with the changing body. This can be from every body shape and size on the spectrum. We have been witness to stories of discrimination in the medical field and fear of birth due to body size discrimnation. We have heard stories of messaging to women that their body will not be adequate enough to breastfeed or birth or parent! We have watched as those identifying as women and mothers develop a complete disconnect of their bodies from the neck down, particularly their core. In our teen groups, we notice the beginnings of body comparison, self-judgment and insecurity. 

What are doing at Lavender and Play and elsewhere to lend support in this area? 

Here are a few offerings that we have and will offer:

  • Seasonal teen empowerment circles
  • Yoga Nidra to dive into the subconscious and plant seeds of affirmation
  • Yoga for ALL bodies
  • Mom Bod campaign
  • Mom Bod marketing
  • Weekly free support groups
  • Pelvic floor and core coaching and referral
  • Free weekly breastfeeding weekly support
  • Sacred Fertility Workshops
  • Transgender education and workshops
  • Pairing with the Inspire Woman Photoproject and Heathery Doughty 
  • In house Manual Osteopathy with One Body Wellness
  • A large and ever growing referral network used for guest speakers, educational talks, therapy and inspiration. 
  • Workshops on mindfulness and self acceptance
  • Regular fitness options, one to four levels for EVERY BODY
  • Prenatal and breastfeeding classes with an emphasis on building confidence and resourcing. 
  • We sit on various coalitions and committees and hear the voices of woman daily!