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Five Ways to Keep Kids Busy During a Lockdown

Nicole Settimi | 05 January, 2022

            Five Ways to Keep Kids Busy During a Lockdown

Lockdowns are hard. Heading into 2022 has us all shaking our heads at another attempt at online schooling. Thank goodness for these amazing activities that don't involve a computer screen! We have plenty of activities in stock for a variety of ages, and some are even on SALE!

    1. Build-a-Pirate-Ship - $19.99 - Set sail for adventure with Build-A-Pirate Ship from Small World Creative. Kids can build and customize an authentic-looking pirate ship with this easy-to-use kit.
    2. Ultimate Putty Challenge Game - $23.99 - Known for creating the best putty in the universe, Crazy Aaron has many other interests…like playing games! He created Ultimate Putty Challenge as a way to have even more fun with Thinking Putty.
    3. Mobi Kids Introduction to Numbers- $23.99 - Introduce little ones to numbers with this simple and fun number game! Players connect all their number tiles in a grid using operation tiles. First player to connect all their tiles wins!
    4. Giant Colouring Poster- $22.99 - This is a pond and jungle theme large colouring poster. 
    5. Emotions Magnetic Game - $29.99 - Teach your child emotional literacy with this sustainable and fun game about emotions.

Feel free to give us a call if you need more ideas! We are always happy to chat.