Five Sensory-Based Activities to do at Home!

Nicole Settimi | 24 January, 2022

            Five Sensory-Based Activities to do at Home!

We are in lockdown in Ontario, and there has been an extreme cold warning for what seems like an eternity. Trying to keep busy during the days at home is becoming a challenge for many of us. Here are five sensory-based activities that you can do at home, for little or no cost.

1.) PAINT! Finger painting is an amazing activity for almost any age. Plan out paint time in the bathtub, on a large cardboard sheet or even in a cardboard box if you have one big enough.

2.) PUTTY! Play dough is hugely popular in sensory play. We have plenty of options, and HERE is your own make-at-home recipe you can try. 

3.) RICE! Assuming your little one won't put it in their mouths, chickpeas, pastas of all different shapes and sizes, and rice, are all amazing ways to fulfill a sensory based learning.

4.) SENSORY BOARDS! Grab a piece of wood or cardboard and glue different pieces of fabric, paper and materials to it as a way to entertain an infant. Supervision required.

5.) GO POPS! These extremely popular toy are cheap, durable and keep little hands busy!

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Happy shopping!