Female-Founded Brands to Shop

Nicole Settimi | 03 March, 2022

            Female-Founded Brands to Shop

Hi Friends!

As two female entrepreneurs, we love lifting up and supporting other female-owned businesses in our community. In light of International Women's Day on March 8th, we are highlighting female-founded brands that we carry! Check these amazing brands out:

  • Sarahs Playsilks - we different colours, styles, capes and garlands!
  • Alpaca Sweaters and More - check out the different sweaters and styles that we carry!
  • Sweet Flowering Wellness - local to Peterborough, Laura's products are a huge hit in the shop!
  • My Babyline - another local Mama that creates non-toxic options for mom and babe!
  • Rasa Apothecary - based in Ayurvedics, this product line is almost sold out!
  • Tease Tea-  we are so excited to carry Sheena Brady's teas!
  • Cheeks Ahoy - another local PTBO brand, we love these eco-conscious wipes!
  • Michelle Wang - we love supporting female authors, check out Michelle's two books that we carry!

We hope you enjoy taking a look through our female brands. Let us know what you think!