Feeding a New Baby? We got you!

Nicole Settimi | 06 October, 2021

            Feeding a New Baby? We got you!

If you haven't already learned this about us, we are passionate about helping you feel empowered and confident when it comes to feeding your new babe! These are the ways in which we support our community when it comes to breast/chest feeding and making lactation support accessible and affordable. 


1. POSTPARTUM DOULA CARE - Sarah and Sonja both bring a variety of skills and experience to their postpartum doula work. From sleep and educational support, one to one private prenatal education, fertility support, mental health, parenting, breastfeeding support, and sacred postpartum services, they offer complete care.

They run regular parenting and mental health support groups and educational workshops. They pair with local birth doulas to provide full services in home, hospital, midwives and community.

2. NEW BABY CARE - Our Postpartum Doula team offers new baby care. In two hours, they will cover topics with you that include: newborn care, bathing, massage, comfort techniques, siblings, swaddling, feeding cues, sleep and safety. 

3. BREASTFEEDING AND WELLNESS CAFE - One of its kind, our new Breastfeeding Cafe is designed to be a comfortable, safe space for you and your babe to connect in.

As Lactation Educators, we will be present to review your latch, provide position, pumping, family & referral support, and help with supply.  

4. BREAST/CHEST FEEDING CLASSES - This is a prenatal or professional development class about all things lactation! This class is suitable for intended parents, doulas, HCP's, and Childbirth Educators. It is geared towards anyone looking to expand their breast/chest feeding knowledge. This includes and is not limited to: hand expression, skin to skin, latch basics, cup/syringe feeding, pumping, positions, common challenges and referrals.