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Check out our new free support groups and services.

Sarah Susnar | 04 October, 2021

            Check out our new free support groups and services.

Are you struggling as a new parent? Need to talk to others going through the same challenges? You are not alone.

We have run our parent support circle for many years, but with Covid-19 we had to pause. Now we can start again and are so happy about this.

Facilitated by parent and postpartum doula student Alicia Thibadeau and/or Sonja Martin or Sarah Susnar. This is a welcoming, confidential space to be heard and seen. Topics include sleep, feeding, mental health, relationships, etc.

Join us on Friday's from 1-3pm starting October 29th.

Pre-registering will be required due to space limitations, email to register.


Lavender and Play will also be facilitating a new Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Café to support parents who are having challenges or need information. TBA.