Check out our new free support groups and services.

Sarah Susnar | 04 October, 2021

            Check out our new free support groups and services.

Are you struggling as a new parent? Need to talk to others going through the same challenges? You are not alone.

We have run our parent support circle for many years, but with Covid-19 we had to pause. Now we can start again and are so happy about this.

Facilitated by parent and postpartum doula student Alicia Thibadeau and/or Sonja Martin or Sarah Susnar. This is a welcoming, confidential space to be heard and seen. Topics include sleep, feeding, mental health, relationships, etc.

Join us on Friday's from 1-3pm starting October 29th.

Pre-registering will be required due to space limitations, email to register.



This free service will run on a pre-booked appointment basis on Monday's from 1pm-3pm starting November 8th to support parents 1:1 who are having challenges or need information on breastfeeding/chest/body feeding. 

This includes but is not limited to: hand expression, skin to skin, latch basics, pumping, positions, common challenges, and referrals.

Due to space limitations and the nature of 1:1 support you need to call ahead at 705 874 3517  to book a spot. 

*Please note: We are not IBCLC's but work with and refer to them. We do not dispense medical advice, diagnose, or prescribe medication. Lactation Educators do not offer information that directs families to act against medical advice.