5 Reasons Why Parent/Baby Yoga is AWESOME!

Sarah Susnar | 08 September, 2022

            5 Reasons Why Parent/Baby Yoga is AWESOME!

Why Baby and Parent Yoga?  

This class that we run on a regular basis is a favourite at Lavender and Play. This class suits babies from newborn to crawling away! We meet mamas where they are at in terms of baby and body needs. We love hearing how families are doing during our check in. We ground into breath and move our bodies by following intuition into how we are feeling.  Babies also get a turn ! An example of a baby “pose” is Tushy Touches. Babies are invited to be on tummies. They touch alternating heels to their “tushy”. Parents meet the needs of babies as they arise. Babies can also be used in ways to join or enhance postures. This class is loved whether parents have done yoga for years, or never have.Yoga is a great way for parents to strengthen their bodies, calm their minds, and move towards relaxation.  Yoga reduces stress for both parents and babies. It aims to create a balance between strength and flexibility in developing bodies.  This builds on the flexibility babies are born with. Here are even more reasons to love this type of class. 

5 Reasons Why Baby and Parent Yoga is Awesome: 

  1. The classes are even more rich when we are out in nature with sun, breeze, trees, shade and water. 
  2. EVERY body and skill level is considered.
  3. The instructor is a pelvic floor and core specialist.
  4. We offer new songs/rhymes and poses for babies.
  5. A time to connect to others and equally important, to self. 

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